About Us

Katy Jackson

Wee Buns Producer, Katy Jackson, has worked on feature films and short films for the past 20 years and continues to develop Wee Buns feature film projects, including our current project The Last Rifleman. She produced ZOO due for release on 29th June 2018 in UK & Ireland and in the USA on 8th June 2018. She also produced films in conjunction with other film companies.  She produced The Devils Doorway with Martin Brennan for 23Ten Productions, followed by Bad Day For The Cut with Brendan Mullan for Bad Day Pictures, now on Netflix. 
Katy also line produced XMoor (Directed by Luke Hyams)A Patch of Fog (Directed by Michael Lennox)The Truth Commissioner (Directed by Declan Recks) and The Survivalist (Directed by Stephen Fingleton) which was BAFTA Award Nominated in 2016.
Katy has also produced a number of award winning short films including Charlotte’s Red.

John Leslie

John Leslie is producer on Control, ZOO, The Last Letter and The Last Rifleman.
John also designs for Film. His most recent film as Production Designer is Never Grow Old, written and directed by Ivan Kavanagh. Starring John Cusack and Emile Hirst. Before that he designed Viking Destiny, a Viking action adventure also due for release in July 2018. He also designed ZOO, Bad Day For The Cut and The Devils Doorway. Previously he designed X-Moor, Behold The Lamb and Wee Buns’ first feature Cupcake. He has also designed numerous short films.