Once We Were Lovers

In Development. Funding by NI Screen.

Directed by Mick Gordon. Mick is a director, playwright and essayist. Previously he was Artistic Director of Aarhus Theatre Denmark, Artistic Director of On Theatre and On FilmTrevor Nunn’s Associate Director at the Royal National Theatre and was Director of the National’s Transformation Season.

Written by Eugene O`Hare. Eugene is an accomplished Irish actor and writer. His plays include Hospital Food for National Theatre for the 2015 Connections festival, Sydney and the Old Girl, Only Good People Love Bach and The Weatherman. He has worked with the Abbey Theatre and with Channel 4 Drama as part of the 4Screenwriters placement, for which he wrote a psychological thriller, Shopping for Boys.
Eugene also writes for radio and has written two short stories for BBC Radio 4. He is currently developing original work for television and film, and his short film The Music Room is set to premiere in 2018.