Wee Buns Films was established in 2009 and since then has been involved as producers, co-producers and line producers on numerous successful feature films. Our most recent production, ZOO, is due to be released in UK & Ireland on 29th June, distributed by Entertainment One.

Writer-director Colin McIvor’s “Zoo” is a lovely, true-life memory piece…
…with McIvor layering in depth, dimension and grace. Period re-creation is also first rate and, for animal fans, there’s eye candy aplenty in the form of giraffes, lions, chimps, flamingos and, of course, one soulful elephant.

LA Times – Gary Goldstein

In fact, the one element of the film that DOES hit you, as an adult, is the production design. This is a gorgeous film that does a tremendous job of recreating 1940’s Belfast…and the tension and anxiety that comes with those horrible times. Secondly, the script is actually quite good. The story flows, ebbs and excites just as an old-fashioned film should.

NoSpoilerReviewz – Jason Singer

Zoo is a heartfelt story that is a mix of emotions full of humor, love, loss, and hope that endures even the tribulations of war.

Ashley Menzel – We Live Entertainment

If you’re searching for a feel-good family film, I recommend this family drama, set in Belfast – it’s heartwarming with a sense of purpose.

Susan Granger – SSG Syndicate

Bring the kids, but don’t forget the hankies.

Roger Moore – Movie Nation

A thrilling adventure for all ages… a lovingly crafted film with a big heart.

Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter

One of the sweetest, most touching, heartbreaking and uplifting movies of the year.

Rick Bentley, Tribune News Service

An unlikely family film, one that will delight.

Peter Debruge, Variety

A family film for the ages.

Frank Lovece, Film Journal

A heartfelt, feel-good film.

Ashley Menzel, We Live Entertainment