GENRE – Comedy / Drama

SYNOPSIS – Operation Bernhard was the codename of a secret Nazi plan to flood the British economy with counterfeit Bank of England currency during World War Two. When a U-boat containing the notes was scuttled off the coast of Ireland at the end of the war, only a handful of people knew of its whereabouts. One of these men was a welder at Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast. Davy Gordon gathers a motley crew and mounts a clandestine adventure over the border in search of their fortune.

© Wee Buns Ltd 2012

PITCH – ‘Whiskey Galore` meets `Oceans Eleven` meets `Kellys Hero`s`

ESTIMATED BUDGET – £2.5million / $4million

 STATUS – In script development with NI Screen / seeking finance.

WRITER – Dan Gordon

DIRECTOR – Colin McIvor

PRODUCER – Katy Jackson